History of Figamarole Home

Frank & Grace (Caulkins) Forney and the home they built in 1918

This Charming Old House was built in 1918 by Frank Forney.  Frank and his wife Grace raised their family and lived in this home until they died in the 60’s.    They originally planted the property in Fig trees which was the orchard of choice in the early days in the Central Valley, thus the name of Smyrna Tract on many maps, etc.  Grace Forney, a Caulkins, was one of many members of her family to live on Roeding Rd.   Grace’s  parents were early pioneers of the town of Ceres.

The property had an Out House, a Drying shed and was originally built without indoor toilets.  The home was originally constructed of Redwood and built solid and strong.    After Grace died in 1968, the home was purchased by the Parker Family.  Mr. Parker being a Brick Mason, remodeled the home adding the brickwork on the entrance porches, and built in the kitchen porch area, adding the beautiful and massive kitchen fireplace.

The home was owned for a short while by Mr. Livingston, then purchased by Cindy Hansen who along with her husband Steve, and 5 children lived in the home for approx. 35 years until 2010.    In 2010, the home and property was purchased by Mike & Risse Keys who lived next door since 1985.    The present-day remodeling brought this beautiful old home  to its present state.  Risse Keys named the home Figamarole after the Fig orchard that originally existed on the property and from the word Rigamarole having to do with the use of the home for crafting purposes

With many more happy memories, the story will go on  . . .

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