Sign-ups, Payments


MAILING LIST:    You can receive ongoing  emails and reminders of all classes, events and monthly newsletters.  Just send your email address to: or call 613-3994 or fill in contact information at bottom of this page.

FACEBOOK:  Figamarole has a facebook page where ongoing dialogue for upcoming classes are posted.

“Friends of Figamarole” is an open fb group that upon request to join, you can view, post and share creative ideas.



All Classes either shown on calendars or announced will show how you can sign up.    If you are not able to make contact with the listed instructor, please contact myself at or at 209-613-3994.   It is very important to do this as early as possible as class & event sizes are limited and small in size.    Also, some classes will have a materials list that you will need to receive so you can allow yourself time to purchase and prep your materials in advance.

All Classes or Events have a small Figamarole Rental Fee of  $5.00 (1-4 hours) or $10.00 (> 4 hours) WHICH IS INCLUDED IN THE CLASS OR EVENT POSTED PRICE.   Most Events usually only have a figamarole fee, Classes have a figamarole fee + instructor fees.  Instructors set their own fees.   If you have purchased a General Rental of $20.00 or rent a Table Space for $40.00 per month, you will not be subject to the daily figamarole fee. 



Figamarole and most instructors CASH or  Pay Pal as a form of Payment.  This is the easiest, safest and preferred method of payment.    You do not need to set up an account with PayPal to do so, just have an email address.

If you do not have an email address or want to pay by check,  just discuss with instructor

PayPal Payment Instructions

  • Enter email address of recipient.
  • Click on PERSONAL tab (Not Purchase Tab)
  • Click on “Payment Owed”  Button
  • Scroll down to enter Message to recipient to explain what payment is for.

Recipient will get an email telling them they are receiving money from you into their bank account.  You can set up a PayPal account and track more info or just use PayPal for onetime uses.  Paying this way is Free if you use the Transfer/Send Money method.


2 thoughts on “Sign-ups, Payments

  1. Hello,
    I just found your site. I am interested in learning how to sew; and open to other crafts as well.
    please add me to your email list when sending out updates and announcements.

    thank you
    martina Cisneros

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