Artist Instructors

Summer Barker – M.U.A.H Artistry in Hair & Makeup

©2017 Kevin Layton Photography

Hi my name is Summer and I am the owner, lead artist and educator of M.U.A.H. By Summer! I am a licensed cosmetologist that has been in the beauty industry for almost 13 years and would love to share my knowledge to help others grow confidence in their own beauty skills. Fun facts about me is   I rescue animals, I have a collection of vintage ewoks & vintage deer figurines and my weakness food is BREAD! Bread all day every day! I can’t wait to meet you all!
SUBLIME!  & ROAMING ART PARTIES   Aileen Roberts & Kris Henderson
Aileen Roberts and Kris Henderson have combined their artistic energy to create a new business called Sublime – Roaming Art Parties.  They have designed several classes especially for teaching at Figamarole.  Aileen and Kris have more than 30 years of teaching experience.  They have taught all ages and everything from painting, collage to clay sculpture.  Both have been published in national art magazines and artist books. They both really love spreading the joy of creativity.  All of their classes are appropriate for the beginner to the experienced alike.  While basing their workshops at Figamarole, Sublime also travels to private homes and venues for the ultimate in private art parties.  Guiding students step by step in a fun creative art party atmosphere,  students all go home with  a unique art and craft masterpiece.Sublime--roaming art

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