Quilting, Sewing & Jewelry Making Instructors


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MARILEE HEASTON – Quilting/Sewing

Marilee Heaston was born and raised in Modesto and married there in 1968.  She and her husband have made Turlock their home for 40 years.  They are the parents of 2 sons and have one grandson

Marilee has been involved with quilting for over 30 years and has taught quilting for 25+ years and most recently thru the Community Education Department of Modesto Junior College.  She is a founding member of Turlock Quilt Guild and a member of Country Crossroads Quilters in Modesto.  She is also involved with Quilts of Honor, headquartered in Valley Springs, CA.  When she is not quilting she is busy working on genealogy and is a member of the Turlock Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

Click below to download  Marilee’s General Instruction List for all of her Quilting Classes.  Upon class sign up Marilee will also send you her specific Project Class Information Sheet .  Most classes have pre-work required so early sign ups will allow for adequate time for class preparation.



janet steigerwald


My first sewing experience was when I was around age 6.  My mother helped me cut out a dress for my Barbie, then she proceeded to give me a threaded needle.  She didn’t mention that I needed to take off the paper pattern.  Oops, the first of many mistakes in the crafting world.  But that did not deter me.  At age 10 I took a summer school sewing class and by age 14 my mother said she could stop sewing because I was better at it than she was.

Not one to limit myself to just one hobby I tried painting, model making and beading while still sewing.  I was never a very good sewer, I have a friend who competed in the Make it with Wool contest, but I made lots of serviceable things and always got compliments.

I say all this to encourage you to be brave and try new things, mistakes aren’t the worst thing you can do, not trying is.  So, I invite you to come along with this fumbled fingered crafter and let’s have some fun making things together.  I’ll provide the materials, the instructions and the fun, you provide the smiles and the snacks (I don’t cook anymore).

What’s your crafting pleasure? Beading, Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, Netting stitch, or are you more of a sewer? Kid’s clothes, quilting, household decorations.  Or are you into casual jewelry such as Resin, bead stringing, leather bracelets?  I’ve done them all and would like to help you on your crafting journey.

Have a blessed crafting day!

2 thoughts on “Quilting, Sewing & Jewelry Making Instructors

    1. Kathy, currently we do not have classes that teach these things but I can put you with a teacher that teaches them. Or you could do what alot of us do and that is come to our Wed nite Craft n Gab and we teach each other. Most of us meet to sew and bring our machines and our projects. We help each other out and work on our projects. Call me for more info. Risse @ 613-3994

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